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The Youth and Its Commitment With Christ

The theme of the activity was “Youth, where is your heart?” Day after day we can see the great need that our young people have to recognize that the church needs their participation in the work.

The Nature Of Sin

As many of you already know, we have been working hard on helping the “Digging Deep on God’s Word” study to be available for Spanish speaking sisters in Christ. Great Escapes (Grandes Escapes) is available in Spanish, free of charge, to be downloaded from store.

Five Reasons To Come To Christ

While there are many reasons to come to Christ, in this sermon were covered five reasons, using as points part of the chorus of a hymn that we often sing, “Just as I am I come broken”

A Right Often Omitted

I preached this sermon while I was still at Memphis School of Preaching, one of my last chapel sermons