Digging Deep Into God’s Word – Great Escapes M2 (Spanish)

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It has been taking longer than expected, but the second Spanish video on the “Digging Deep in God’s Word” Bible study by Cindy Colley is available. In this occasion, Jacky and Jenni talk about “Escape with Obedience”, and includes not only answers to the questions as required in this second month, but also some quotes and even a chart that was provided by sister Colley during the English podcast.

The translated chart on the topic of Grace and Obedience,

Brother Allen Webster’s article on “The Curse of Jericho” is available in English (click here), and translated into Spanish (click here) –

We are thankful to our heavenly Father for this opportunity to share this material with our Spanish-speaking sisters around the world, and we are very happy with the growing interest in this study. We also want to thank sister Colley for her efforts on having this book available.

If you would like to order a copy of the book on English, or you just want to download/share with others the free Spanish version of the book, please visit http://thecolleyhouse.org/

To God be all glory!

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