The Excitement: From Courtship to Marriage

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During this past weekend, we had the opportunity to share good times and memories with 16 other couples from about 4 congregations of Panama. Jacky and I were honored to present the first message, which manuscript is available in this post.

We are thankful to our brethren of Iglesia de Cristo en Vista Hermosa, not only for inviting us to this event, but also, as we start working with them, as Associate Preacher/Evangelist, and looking forward to many good things coming from the work of the Lord that we will be able to do together, as the beautiful family of God.

Marriage is a wonderful thing. The marriage just as God instituted. Blessings come from it. There might be some ups and downs sometimes, but is a beautiful experience. We hope the brethren that assisted to this event were as encouraged and fortified as we did during this activity. Hope you enjoy the reading of the manuscript and as everything we do, the glory be to our God Almighty.

Manuscript: Study-FromCourtshipToMarriage

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