Restoration Is Now!

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I preached this same sermon almost a year ago at the Memphis School of Preaching (MSOP) chapel while I was still studying there. This one is from yesterday at Iglesia de Cristo en Torrijos Carter, and is in Spanish, but the English manuscript is available as a downloadable file in this same post.

During the First Quarter at MSOP, Second Year students, learn about the Restoration Movement, and the great efforts that faithful men did in order to restore New Testament Christianity. As part of that class, they are required to deliver a message on the life of one of those men, and the Biblical application that we can learn from their service to the Lord. Being at the Missions program, I decided to present this sermon on how Restoration is still active today, and did some research on how the church came to Panama.

I know that there might be more information out there about how the church came to this country, but I am thankful for the information that was available when I did this research. I hope this can be helpful to many brethren who might have questions about how the body of Christ started in this beautiful country, not as a church created by man, but as the results of the powerful Gospel preached unto all the world. To God be all glory for His infinite blessings toward His children.

Manuscript: Sermon-RestorationIsNow

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